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Hi my name is Jacob  (prononced yuk-ob ) and i am a 10 year old boy competing in the student blogging challenge. mybirthday is on the 3rd of Febuary, I have dark blond hair and blue eyes, i enjoy playing online games such as Minecraft. my favourite website to play games on are Armour games and Stick games. I have joined many sport clubs like a swimming club,  fencing club, table tennis club and the tennis club.

 I have a older 13 year old sister and a younger 8 year old brother. It sometimes gets annoying being middle youngest because my sister can beat me in fights and my brother always gets what he wants. I made it i the district Swimming and district Athletics and never get in long distance Swimming, and never running events. I always get into short distance swimming and throwing events at Districts. I enjoy reading and i just finished reading the Hobbit and now reading the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R Tolken.

My best freind is called Atticus ( i had permission to use his name) he enjoys the same stuff as me and got me into the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series. He is 9 years old and just had his birthday. I will put a link to his blog on mine, I hope you enjoy reading his as well as mine. I hope you read my blog and leave lots of positive comments.


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