100 wc week 33

It was a cold night as black as when you close your eyes, and the only thing I remember was my best friend running, Joe, alongside me and my dog, Bobby. During that time the only thing that I remember is when I approached the gateway and a dark figure approached he was nearly 18 feet tall. He spoke in a dark voice and said.

“Greetings I am Fred the 18 foot tall guy that guards this doorway.”

Me and my friend ran off at the speed of light and we didn’t stop until we ran all the way home.

100wc week #34


It was a cold night in the small city of small town and everyone had gone to sleep, expert for one person. A small boy named Barry, Barry was a nine years old and already lived a harsh life in the streets of small town. He ran away from his orphanage when he was 7, and scavenged for food these past 2 years. He had no family, no house and no food except for small scraps that no one else wanted. He wanted a proper life with a proper family but where could he go. H couldn’t go back to his orphanage.

100wc week #33


That all students including Lucy should be able to go to school, Lucy and the 57million children that don’t get to go to school are no different to all the kids that go to school. They’re missing out on education and a chance to do what they really want to do. Just because they come from a different country and believe different things doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the chance for a chance to do what they really believe. Why do kids in other countries have nearly the best possible chances but other countries are often ignored, Why is this.

#100 wc week 32


I looked out the window to investigate my surroundings the bombing had stopped hours ago but I stayed just in case, I peeked out the window and saw a ravaged wasteland what used to be houses there where trenches caused by all the powerful bombs. In the distance there was the faint sound of marching, I walked towards the sound hoping they had food and water, I broke into a run as I passed the church a hand grabbed me from behind I was thrown into a room I never noticed before. I investigated my surroundings and saw a man. He opened his mouth to speak but some of the words sounded like a foreign language

100 word chalenge week #31


It was a cold winter day in the city of Melbourne then it happened it started happening slowly but then it happened more and more often the giant insects started destroying stuff it started with small stuff like park benches but soon it became more and more severe they started going for houses then skyscrapers then entire streets. Soon there where only a group of 300 people left on the planet called the bug busters they believed in freedom and went to war but after 3 long days of fighting to thee death the bug busters gave up. Now that’s why we are ruled by a ant.

100 word challenge week #33

It was another day in the Jacobonian Republic the sun was shining all the civilians were enjoying themselves, when suddenly a bird the size of a house swooped down and ripped through national monuments that have been standing since the first Jacobs settled down. The bird could obviously lift a number of massive elephants without any trouble. This was the 4th attack this week and there were still three days to go until the end of the week, The bird was grabbing at civilians eating them alive destroying their homes suddenly the giant bird took interest in The Jacobia Dome the very place you are and attacked.

100 word challenge week #31

I approached the structures cautiously they looked like giant bubbly slugs, but I knew better I know how they got there it is because of my brother. It all started on May the 21st 2013 my brother came home with a urn claiming it has a Jeanie inside it so he rubbed it three times but nothing happened so I told him to throw it away. This made him angry and he yelled “I wish you’ll get eaten by giant killer slugs. And now a day later the slugs arrive but my brothers wish has backfired on him. Now they are going to take over the world.

100 word challenge week #30

Title: The boy in the striped pyjamas.

Author: John Boyne

Genre: History/Realistic Fiction.


It’s about a boy called Bruno that lived during the Second World War in Germany but he has to leave to a concentration camp because his father has a leading position in a there. When they move there Bruno finds out that his father is in charge of a concentration camp. Bruno decades to explore one day and finds a friend on the other side of the fence.

Reason I like it:

The ending is different and exiting because of what happens it is diffrent and strange.

By Jacob

100 word challenge week #29

I wished I never decided to go there even though I was warned I still went, I know I will never feel pain like what happened there and this is how it happened. It was a good day in Jacob Ville I was walking across my mansion grounds when I heard a scream of terror I quickly grabbed a garden gnome for defence and ran towards the sound of the scream. When I got there I saw a terrified body lying on the ground unconscious I looked around for the attacker but couldn’t see any one. Suddenly my arm felt terrible pain

100 WC piece of cake…Week #9

Have you had a feeling when you just need a piece of cake or you don’t feel right? That happened to me once and I got the blame I cant help it if I had a whole cake to myself. But I know why they yelled at me it was a birthday cake which didn’t even belong to my family it belonged to a 5 year old.

It was one of those parties that you have to pay for everything like cake. It wasn’t my fault i blame that kid starring at me like he wanted me to eat the cake. Now I feel sorry. By Jacob