Term 3 project reflection

Term 3 Project reflection:

On the third term of this year I and my class were given the task of completing a assignment about an Australian explorer in pairs I ended up being paired with Erik who I have worked with before. We decided to research Professor’ Martin Pera, he is working on the development of Stem cell research.

3 Facts I found interesting:

1. Stem cells are the only cell that can multiply and turn into any other cell. I found this interesting because I didn’t know that a tiny cell could turn into another cell and be used for medical research.

2. Martin Pera is one of the first people ever to study stem cells for medical studies and uses, and he is now the leader of Stem Cells Australia who dedicated themselves to exploring stem cells.

3. Stem cells are thought to be the future of medicine and are thought to be able to heal cuts and other injuries by turning into skin, blood and other cells.

2 Other understandings:

  1. I now understand that lots of people are exploring many different things and some people are researching stem cells like Prof Martin Pera.
  2. All sorts of things can be used for medical research and even cells that I never knew existed are being used to help people in need.


1 wondering I still have is:

  1. How long will it be until stem cells are used by doctors, and maybe everyday people use stem cells to cure people and when it does happen how can it help in other ways that we might use in other ways.


The most important things I learnt:

One of the most important things I learnt are  how important it is to work as a team and give them an take advantages of their strengths and think about how you could improve our work and make it as good as possible.


How did I learn it:
I learnt the importance of team work when I was having trouble understanding some text  and Erik came and helped me break it down so I could understand the text and put it into my own words, Erik is good at keeping things organised and understanding long difficult texts he also got the idea to email Martin Pera so we could get more information. And that was important when we nearing the end.


What am I going to do with what I learnt?

In the future I’m going to focus on working as a team with the people I’m working with and focus at what they are good at to get the assignment done and still have time to practise and review my cue cards.


And that is what I learnt and took from my term 3 project.

By Jacob