The Oath

In the tribe of Wollagong, The men had been at war for nine days until they won the battle. The losing tribe, Hummaga, said always to have nothing to do with the Wollagong tribe except for one man, Hiuga, who had an oath to always bring peace to the Wollagong tribe.

One night three men set out from the tribe of Wollagong to find food. One of those men was bitten by a snake who their tribe called the Wagga Bunga Snake. So frightened, the other two men fled back to their tribe.

One of the men from the Hummaga tribe walked past the poisoned man. He did not stop to help him and did not check to see if he was still alive.

Then a man from the same tribe as the poisoned man, walked past, thought he was dead and kept on walking without caring for the man.

The poisoned man was not getting any better and was almost dead from the poison of the Wagga Bunga Snake. Just when he thought he was no longer going to live, Hiuga, the man who had the oath to always bring peace to the Wollagong tribe, stopped and carried the sick man back to his own tribe.

When Hiuga arrived back at his tribe, he was not allowed in because he was carrying one of the tribe’s enemies. He sat outside the tribe and started to dance a ceremonial dance to heal the man.

After three days of dancing, the tribe finally let Hiuga back into the tribe but he did not come in because the man had not fully recovered yet. They then became friends and lived in peace and harmony with each other.