orientation day recount


On the 9th of December I went with my sister to Buckley Park college for my year 7 orientation. I took the tram, bus and my own feet IU was the first from Moonee Ponds to get there so I didn’t know what to do so I just waited for Lilli and Luca to arrive. Once Lilli arrive d we spoke a tiny bit until Luca arrived we spoke a lot with him until it was time to go into the PAC (performing arts centre) where we were split into our classes with our form teachers for next year. Luca joined all the SEEL kids but me and Lilli were in the same class for the 4th year in a row. Our form teacher miss sced                                  (pronounced Said) welcomed us and did the role.

Firstly we learnt how to read the timetable and he map and explained how to your way around even without a map, She said it was split into 4 blocks A-D each with a number of rooms in them, so on your timetable it might say 7SD-class D-block 7-room. Finding my way around was easier than I thought, I learned that after the tour.

At recess I waited for Lilli and Luca to order recess and lunch we talked about trying to find Alex Young, Lilli was against this idea and walked away with a other group of girls. Coincidently we found Owen who told us about the band and how they except the best of the best.

Our lesson straight after that was maths/science where we made invisible ink that went visible after it was heated. Then there was drama where we acted out a scenario for 30 and then 10 seconds. I met a boy almost as tall as my named Josh I talked with him a lot at class and we also partnered together at music where we played a game called isle of tune.

Straight after that all the future years 7’s went to the gym were we made a classroom chant, ours was really repetitive. We also did a relay were we dribbled a ball around a cone then passed it to the next person.

I can’t wait till next year.

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