100wc week #34


It was a cold night in the small city of small town and everyone had gone to sleep, expert for one person. A small boy named Barry, Barry was a nine years old and already lived a harsh life in the streets of small town. He ran away from his orphanage when he was 7, and scavenged for food these past 2 years. He had no family, no house and no food except for small scraps that no one else wanted. He wanted a proper life with a proper family but where could he go. H couldn’t go back to his orphanage.

Tying begginings to endings


Tying beginnings to endings

For a few lessons now we have learnt that it is important to tie your beginnings to your endings because it helps keep your writing flowing and makes everything in between those two points much easier to write and understand where you want your writing toe end.

The Story

I felt nervous as I entered the plane, maybe because this time I was flying in 1st class. I entered the plane I excitedly waited for the roar of the engine to start.

The plane sped across the runway at incredible speed and slowly the nose of the plane lifted off the ground carrying the rest of the plane with it. I stared through the window and saw the landscape below me, first it was a giant city stretching far and wide, then it was the peaceful country with all the cows and the horses and little duckies, and then the snow-capped mountains.

The plane peacefully glided through the air and I was enjoying the luxury of first class, everything seemed normal, the flight attendants where serving food and I was up to to my 5th movie. I was watching a movie that was a about a man that was in a first class private jet and then he crashed in the mountains and the only way he survived was when he at plane food for 17 years. At the moment the movie ended I rested against the back of my seat and an announcement came on.

“Mayday, Mayday this is your captain speaking we’re going down I repeat we’re going down, Brace yourselves!”

The nose of the plane was almost pointing directly to the ground, there where glasses, trays full of food and people flying all around the place. I tried to put myself but the seat in front of me got ripped from its place. At that moment I was thrown out of the side of the plane, and tumbled through the snow.

I quickly rolled through the snow trying to regain my balance. After a while I regained my balance and looked over the depressing sight, suddenly a horrible thought struck me, I’ll only survive if I eat disgusting plane food, just like in the movies.

maths mate term 2 week 4

question: Complete the multiplication table.

  times 3
1 7 4

Predict: I thought this would be about multiplication

clarify: i had nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: Complete the multiplication table.


1. First i filled in the 3 times column. then i tried to figure out the 3 times column. I knew the 7 seven went to the middle top row. And the 4 went beside it.

  times 3  7  4
1  3 7 4


then i multiplied all the rows and columns and got the answer of…

  times 3 7  4
 9  27 63  36
1  3 7 4
 2  6  14 8

Summary: I used the use a table or a graph technique.

100wc week #33


That all students including Lucy should be able to go to school, Lucy and the 57million children that don’t get to go to school are no different to all the kids that go to school. They’re missing out on education and a chance to do what they really want to do. Just because they come from a different country and believe different things doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the chance for a chance to do what they really believe. Why do kids in other countries have nearly the best possible chances but other countries are often ignored, Why is this.

#100 wc week 32


I looked out the window to investigate my surroundings the bombing had stopped hours ago but I stayed just in case, I peeked out the window and saw a ravaged wasteland what used to be houses there where trenches caused by all the powerful bombs. In the distance there was the faint sound of marching, I walked towards the sound hoping they had food and water, I broke into a run as I passed the church a hand grabbed me from behind I was thrown into a room I never noticed before. I investigated my surroundings and saw a man. He opened his mouth to speak but some of the words sounded like a foreign language

maths mate term 2 week 3

Question: complete the multiplication table

times 4 2
6 48

Predict: I thought this will be about problem solving

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

The big question: complete the multiplication table


1. first i looked at all the numbers they already gave us, and i thought what i will need to get 48 from 6 and another number. I settled on the number 8 so i put an 8 in the top left column. Than i looked at the 2nd column and thought what i would need to get 12 from 4 and another number, I got 3.  then i looked at the far right column and put a one under the given 6.

times  8
4 2
 3 12
6 48
 1 2

2. Then i filled in the rest.

times  8
4 2
 3  24 12  6
6 48  24  12
 1  8  4

Summary: I used my use a table or a chart technique.

spelling week 1 term 2

Group 2/3


Persistence                                                                                                                                                                     Wary



Activity 1:

Write your own definitions of the 5 list words I have given you. Use an example in each definition.

Experiment- a test, trial, or tentative procedure-e.g what a great expiriment
Viscosity- the property of a fluid that resists the force tending tocause the fluid to flow-e.g this has low viscosity
Hydrogen- a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that combines chemically withoxygen to form water-e.g. there is hydrogen in water
Helium- an inert, gaseous element present in the sun’s atmosphere and innatural gas-e.g there is helium in balloons
Composition-the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole-e.g One covers the underlying composition

Activity 2:

Write a paragraph that explains what you know about the four states of matter. Try to use as many of your list words as possible. Underline your list words.

Thre are 4 states of matter liquids which are runny ( you measure the runniness in viscosity) and there are gases (like helium and hydrogen) and there are solids and plasma. You can combine a number of these to make a composition. The reason we know so much about this is because we con ducted expiriments.


100 word chalenge week #31


It was a cold winter day in the city of Melbourne then it happened it started happening slowly but then it happened more and more often the giant insects started destroying stuff it started with small stuff like park benches but soon it became more and more severe they started going for houses then skyscrapers then entire streets. Soon there where only a group of 300 people left on the planet called the bug busters they believed in freedom and went to war but after 3 long days of fighting to thee death the bug busters gave up. Now that’s why we are ruled by a ant.

maths mate term 2 week 2 auestion #22

Question: two compasses cost as much as three protractors. How much are six protractors, if one compass is $3

Predict: I thought this would be about addition

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: how much are 6 protractors, if one compass is $3


  1. First I looked at much one compass is and doubled it.
  2. 2. Then that left me with the answer $6

Summary: I used find the big picture