Maths mate term #2 week #1

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

3_                                                                                                                                                     +_8                                                                                                                                                     65

Predict: I need to fill in the missing numbers

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

The big question: fill in the missing numbers


1.First i looked at the blank space above the 8 and the eight I than looked at the 5 in the single digit answer.

37                                                                                                                                                    +_8                                                                                                                                                     65

The only way you get from to 8 to 5 is add 7 so it becomes 15.

2.then i carried the 1 and that made 3 a 4 so the only way to get from 4 to 6 in 1 digit is if i add 2.

37                                                                                                                                                    +28                                                                                                                                                       65

3. all the spaces have been filled the answer is the one above.

100 wc week #20

I was sitting by the pool with my best buddy Patrick when suddenly a groan came from the cupboard so me being the amazing great spectacular person that I am I walked bravely to the cupboard, braced myself and when I opened the cupboard door a weird thingy looked back at me. It had small black eyes, long ugly fingernails and grey greasy hair after it stopped hissing like an evil snake. I realised who it was I yelled.

“OMG” I yelled It was my brother

The yell must’ve scared him because he gave me one last hiss and ran to his room.

spelling week #10

Group 3
 Mediation                                                                                                             Parliamentary                                                                                                           Suffragetettes                                                                                                                              Tertiary                                                                                                                                  trespasser

Activity One:
Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the reader;
remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph.

once upon a time there was a guy practicing his meditation technique when suddenly someone said wheres your meditating licence, so the suffragettes threatened to blackmail the guy and announce his habit of being a trespasser. After that the guy became a independent meditator

Activity Two :
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words

meditation-the action or practice of meditating.

license-grant a licence to

independent- free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority

trespass- enter someone’s land or property without permission.

suffragettes- a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest

Activity Three:

Memory trick: Which witch can make you itch?

Complete the sentences below with “which” or “witch”.

a. “which ( Which, witch) side of the river do you think we should stake our
claim? “ asked the prospector.
b. The witch  (which, witch) used magic to turn fool’s gold into real gold.
c. The police constable insisted that the gold diggers identify which (which,
witch) of their fellow miners were claim jumpers.
d. “Do you think the witch (which, witch) in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the
e. “which which, witch) gold coach should we bail up next ?” asked the bushranger.
f. On which (which, witch) continent did the Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fabled
City of Gold which (which, witch) was they named “El Dorado, The Gilded One”?

Activity Four:
Explain the difference between the following Homophones:
a. Weather, wether and whether- weather is the climate, whether as in whether it’s raining or not, and wether is a sheep
b. Way, weigh, and whey- way as in the right way, weigh as in how much does that weigh, and is a liquid
c. Wear, where and we’re- wear as in what am i going to wear, where as in where is the house, and we’re as in we’re lost
d. Praise, prays and preys- praise as in praise the great guy, prays as in that guy prays, and preys as in he preys on broccoli

e. Saw, soar and sore- saw as in i saw, soar as in watch that bird soar, and thats sore

f. Wails, Wales and whales- wails as in that baby wails, whales are big, and as in new south wales
g. Right, write and rite- i am right, lets write something, and a rite is a ritual
h. Awe, oar, or and ore- stare in awe, use that oar to power the boat, and iron ore.

100 wc week #28

I was chilling by the pool eating a cake when a random guy with some tomato sauce walked up to me and offered me some with my cake I politely said

“Go away I only use mustard and barbeque sauce with my cake”

And with that he left offering his red delicious condiment to other people that have nothing better to do than eat all that sugary substance. After a few minutes of eating my 45th slice, it came to me tomato sauce is made out of tomato’s, tomato’s are a fruit (even though they are displayed in the veggie aisle) and fruit is healthy. But when I went to get some it was all gone I thought I had enough time.

maths mate term 1 week 7

question: There are 92 beds in a 40 room motel. each room have either 2 or 3 beds, how many rooms have 2 beds.

predict: i predict this will be about using guess check and improve.

clarify: i had nothing to clarify

big picture: how many rooms are there with 2 beds.


1. first i guessed 20 rooms but than it would be 40 beds and there isn’t enough 3 rooms to reach 92.

2.then i tried 30 rooms but that was to much so i tried 29 but that was still to much.

3.then i tried 28 and added the rest of the 12 rooms with 3 beds and got 92

summary: i used guess check and improve.