100 wc week #24

Once upon a time there lived 3 bears; there was daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear. One day they decided to have some porridge so they made porridge but it was too hot, they thought if they went for a walk it might cool down a little. So they put on their shoes and strolled out the front door, little did they know there was a oatmeal fanatic waiting on the street waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. When she entered the house a high pitch alarm went off, all the doors and windows locked and the bears returned.

“Uh Oh!”

maths mate term 1 week 3

Question 22: If it takes Sarah twelve minutes to saw a pole into three pieces, how long would it take her to saw a pole into 5 pieces?

predict: I predict this will be about using division

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Big picture:how long does it take for Sarah to cut 5 pieces.


1.First i divided 12 by 3 to get the answer 4.

2.I worked out it takes 4 minutes to cut 1 piece

3. i then added 8 to the 12 and got 20