100wc week #26

It was a warm winter evening and everyone was living life and doing what they usually do, many people where at school or at work, until. Mac looked up and said.

“Look up can you see that very peculiar object in the sky heading straight for the school well past the speed limit!”

Luckily everyone did see it and managed to evacuate just in time as the triangle shaped object descended onto the school grounds causing damage to the slide. When police investigated they found it was a small bird. Everyone looked at Mac.

“Surprise!” he said in a small voice.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 5

question: A teacher spent $64 buying two types of games. One type cost $12 dollars each and the other $14. How many 12 dollar games did she buy.

Predict: I predict this will be about addition.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: How many $12 games did the teacher buy


1.first i tried adding 4 of the $12 dollar games but that equaled $62 so that didn’t work.

2.i than took away one $12 game which was $50 so i added a $14 game and that was a total of $64.

Summary: I used the test all possibilities and my prediction was correct.