100 wc: it came from the earth

I watched in horror as the events unfolded in front of me, a soft bubbling came from beneath  the earth suddenly a low moaning came from behind me.25 . I slowly turned just in time to see a dark shape run behind a wall . Suddenly the bubbling grew stronger I watched in horror as the fish in the fishpond kept bubbling happily. 57. I quickly checked behind the wall and saw a rabbit chill’n with all his rabbit buddies, eating lettuce and other rabbity stuff .78. I laughed as I saw them nibbling their lettuce, suddenly I heard a snort from behind me. I looked behind me and screamed.

One thought on “100 wc: it came from the earth

  1. Hello Jacob, I enjoyed reading your blog this week. Are the numbers your word count? They do distract from the flow of your writing, which is a shame as it is has great suspense. Maybe next time read through before you publish and take out the numbers 🙂

    Well done

    Nicki W
    100WC Team2

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