maths mate term 4 week 4


I predict that this problem will be about order of operations and addition


I think of a a number, double it and then add 8. If the result is 40, then what was the original number?


I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Big question:

The big question is what was the original number.

Mathematicians toolbox:

The strategy I used from the Mathematicians toolbox was to test all possibilities.


First we need to work backwards. The person added 8 to make 40, so we need to subtract 8 from 40. 40-8=32. Now since the person doubled their number, we need to half it. Half of 32 is 16, so 16 is our answer.


This problem was similar to some other problems that I had worked out, so I used some of the same strategies that I had used to solve those ones to solve this one.

Maths mate term 4 sheet 6


I think this is about adding and subtracting.


Move one match to make this statement correct. VI + II = II


I had nothing to clarify.

The big question:

How can you make this sum correct.

mathematicians toolbox:

test all possibilities.


well the first thing you had to look at what the sum is right now and that is VI=6, II=2, III=3 so the question is asking 6+2=3 and i know that isn’t right so i moved the match making the + so it is now 6-2+3 but that still isn’t correct so i moved the match that i took away and added it to the 2. So it was 6-3=3.


Too solve this you needed to know your roman numerals.


My handwriting analysis answers

Handwriting analysis

1.I try to find out who wrote and if it’s a forgery this is an important job in solving crimes with ransom notes. Because we can trace the handwriting to a person.

2.We can analyse handwriting by looking at things like how the letters are spaced and the slant of the letters.

3.The 12 characteristics are the spacing of the letters, the letters could be shaped differently, the pen lifts are rarely the same, how the letters are slanted, the beginning and ending strokes, the pressure of the pen on the paper and sometimes the letters are just fancier.

4.The most important job of being a forensic scientist is keeping civilians safe from harm and it is also a great job to peruse because it’s rewarding when someone gets thrown into jail because you were successfully doing your job.

5.A handwriting sample is the handwriting of the certain person that is left behind at a crime scene they can be used to solve crimes and who wrote it.

6.A forger is a person that tries to camouflage their own handwriting and use a different persons style of handwriting they might want to do this to blame someone else for something or hide his identity from the police. A forger might also forge art to sell to art gallerys.

7.The letter size helps because we can compare it to other writing samples and identify who could have written it, this is important when you want to bust crime with your forensic skills.



100 wc week 12

I hoped my letter would reach its goal and warn every one of the typhoon heading their way I wish there was a way that I could be certain that they will get the message and start evacuating immediately. A simple letter in a bottle isn’t a very reliable way of messaging I will fell proud of me if I become responsible for saving people’s lives, But I can never be sure that they would have got the message.

On the news it showed people that started evacuating after a tip of about a typhoon my message made it.


Ted and his very bad day:

It was a clear day in Queensland beach the seagulls were frolicking but it was still too cold to go to the beach so everyone went to the big pineapple except for one boy, his name was Ted he liked taking long walks on the beach when it was cold because it cleared his head. As he was walking along the beach he noticed a dark shape on the horizon. He began to jog towards it. As he got closer he realized it was a beat up boat that has been washed ashore by the tide. Ted loved exploring so he carefully went inside, as Ted got closer he found a shocking discovery that would have made most boys run, but Ted was braver tan most boys and stood while looking from a distance at the two lifeless bodies. He noticed that next to the bodies was a rusted bloodstained knife.

From behind him he heard a ear piercing scream of absolute terror. T spun around and saw an open mouthed fisherman the fisherman dropped his bait and the worms started to squirm away The fisherman than bolted calling for help.

Later that night while Ted was eating dinner with his parents while watching the news a picture of the beach with the boat in the background came on the police where than seen interviewing a fisherman, the same one that saw Ted this morning

“I noticed the boat and went inside there I found a boy holding a knife above the two bodies” said the fisherman “ He spotted me and chased me with the knife in his hand but I was too fast for him and got away”

They then showed an eyewitness description of the boy that killed the two people. It was an exact image of Ted, Ted’s dad nearly choked to death on his spoonful of peas. Just as his dad recovered police rammed through the door and one of them yelled

“GET EM!” soon police surrounded Ted while one of them performed a rugby tackle on Ted and no matter how hard he squirmed Ted couldn’t get away from the grasp of the sturdy police man.

“You’re under arrest for the murder of two people” One yelled!

“You’ve got the right to remain silent” yelled another.

The next morning Ted was sent to courtroom 6 ¾ where he was given a fair trial. But still all  the jury voted for him guilty The judge than decided 10 years would be a reasonable punishment this is the following comment.

“I am giving you 10 years because you are responsible for the murder of not one but two people and should not be allowed into society, you will not be allowed time off for good behaviour but time will be added for bad behaviour.

how to use a microscope

What you need:

  1. A Microscope
  2. A specimen

What to do:

  1. First lower the Stage (use the focus knob to lower and raise the stage) all the way to the bottom and slide the specimen in.
  2. Raise the stage to its highest point and turn in the light source.
  3. Look through the eyepiece lens and slowly adjust it until the picture is clear and can be identified.
  4. Try using lot of magnifications to have fun with your specimen.
  5. Keep trying new things to magnify.


  1. You can move the specimen around on the stage using a special dial on the side.
  2. You can just slightly adjust the stage using the small focus knob outside the big one.
  3. It’s fun and easy to learn and enjoy.

how to make the perfect speech

What you need:

.Cue cards

.A topic to speak about


1. First position yourself in a spot where everyone can hear and see you.

2. Make sure your cue cards are clear and in the right order.

3. using your cue cards announce your speech clearly and loudly.

4. Be prepared to answer any questions that the audience have for you.


  1. Don’t mumble.
  2. Make eye-contact
  3. Practise makes perfect.
  4. Don’t fiddle with things.

100 wc

All around the world people are always remembering things sometimes they are important like Remembrance Day or something like to go grocery shopping today but no matter what it is its being remembered some of the things I remember are to do my: Homework, the date of my birthday and to do my chores. You remember things with your memory sometimes they go in to your long-term memory or your short-term memory but no matter where that memory goes it’s always being remembered for a reason. Remembering is the only reason we get things done remembering is very important in life.

Maths mate term 4 week 5

Predict: I predict that this question will be about filling in a table so all the answers are correct.

Strategy: I will use Guess, Check and improve.


fill in the missing numbers to produce correct equations in every row and colum


+ – +


=  =  =




+   –   +


=  =  =



I got my prediction correct and i also got my answer correct so i think that was a good achievement.

Bugs life

It was a warm summer evening in bug city the city full of all different kinds of bugs. Jim the cockroach and his friend Terry the Ant were watching a MA15+ movie, and one of the scariest scenes was when the evil villain  the notorious praying mantis got stepped on by a human boy right after he announced his plan to take over the ENTIRE WORLD. Terry screamed like a baby bug after this scene.

After the movie Jim was telling Terry that it was all fake and that humans never existed and never will exist, Just then a massive foot knocked down a group of flying flies out of the sky. It was without a doubt the foot of a hideous HUMAN.

“The HORROR” yelled Terry who quickly fled in the crowd. Jim however was frozen in fear as the giant foot came and squished him.