historical fiction text

The year is 1850 and it was my first day in the mines of Ballarat. I was helping my father make a fortune. He was sure that we would, but I wasn’t so sure. I just turned old enough to work in the mines I don’t have a mining license because I couldn’t afford to get one.

When I entered the mine I was surprised to see all the kids, but before I could react my dad handed me a pickaxe and led me to a small tunnel that he’d started. After many hours of hard work my father returned with a slice of bread and handed it to me I ate it quickly and my father laughed he said I had to make it last.

My first day of working in the mine was terrible. As I walked past the sea of white tents I remembered the man that fell onto the floor dead. My father acted as if it was natural. When I reached our tent I quickly went inside for a lie down, but before I could dad stopped me he told me it was time to pan for the gold. I was shocked. It was pitch black, I wouldn’t be able to see the gold if it was right in front of me.

I was tired but I still managed to find the way to the creek. It was lit by torches, but there wasn’t much light. I could just make out the bodies of working men and children. Suddenly out of the distance came a deep voice. Many people panicked and ran. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there and was knocked over by the stampede of people but a man came and helped me up it was sergeant Kennedy, he asked for my license after I told him I didn’t have one he gave me a life-sentence.