Maths mate problem Sheet: Term 3-sheet 1


I think this question will be about the probability of something happening.


Towns A to F are connected by fibre optic cables along existing roads. Calculate the minimum length of cable required. Each town must be connected to at least one other town.


I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question:

what is the minimum amount of  fibre optic cables needed.

Mathematical Toolbox:

I used the process of elimination


to solve it i first connected town A to D which was a total of 10 kilometres than i connected D to E which equaled 24. Then E to F which was a total of 46 but i still had town B and C to connect so i just when F to B to C and that reached 96.


i didn’t get my prediction right because it had nothing to do with probability but i used my mathematicians toolbox strategies to reach my final answer.

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