Over the bridge

We were on top of over 1000 tonnes of metal I leaned the railway and saw the dark blue water under us, on the other side of the railway underneath us cars and trains were blazing past us, they were all a blur. I was in a group of fourteen on top the Sydney Harbour Bridge looking across the water we could see the Sydney Opera House. it looked like a sail boat in the distance, I scanned the crowd 138m below looking for my brother’s red top and my sisters blue jacket. The wind was blowing hard into our faces. We had to climb 1,398 steps to get here. I remember what it took to get here I had to squeeze through narrow passages walk in between train tracks while the trains blazed past carrying a cool breeze, I suddenly saw Anton and Mathilda they were on the pier posing while mum was taking pictures with her big camera. I was thinking how Mathilda couldn’t want to see this she said there were to many steps, Anton is to young and mum has a horrible fear of bridges. This is my favourite part of the holidays.

My Body My Life project reflection

(A) What were the 3 most important things I learnt about my research skills.

1.even if I can’t find my information don’t give up I will find it eventually.

2.My bibliography is a great tool to have and to use.

3.Ask people if I need help understanding something.

(B) How can I improve my teamwork.

Remember that your group is there to help you.

(C) What goal do I have for semester 2’s integrated topic

My plan is to be more focused and be prepared for my presentation.