how to out my maths mate problems


What sort of maths problem do you think it is


Write the question


Write the meaning of words or concepts

Big question:

What does the question mean? what do you have to find out.

Mathematical Toolbox:

write which one you used.


How did you solve it write the steps.


summarise the problem and what it was about and if my prediction was correct.

100 word challenge week 36

On Saturday the 7th the circus arrived it was a warm summer day and the circus was in town there was flying pigs and grey unicorns but the best act was the polar bears they would act like real live humans but the circus was hiding a secret all the clowns and animals were involved in black magic all the animals were forced to do the evil bidding of their evil masters the circus was living like this for years making money from the torture of animals only recently has anyone thought to do anything about so please take pity on the poor animals and help.

Treausre Fever: reading log leads: pages (112-164)

The book treasure fever is told by a boy called Henry. I think Henry is the right person to tell the story because he knows all the other characters very well so he can describe them in a way that is exiting and true. He makes everything interesting in his own way he also involves his friends in every way possible. This is why Henry is the right person to tell the story

spelling week #8












Activity 1: Write your own definitions for each of the above words.

Recycling: To reuse things so it can help the environment in an eco-friendly way.

Comprehension: To understand something really well.

Cooperative: working together with someone to achieve a goal.

Molecular: the positioning of molecules e.g. molecular structure.

Desalination: the process of turning sea water to tap water.

Citadel: a fortress that is inhabited by civilians and other people.

Compensation: something you get or doing something else.

Temperature: to measure the cold or warmth in a space.

Grimace: a face expression that shows pain.

Rummaged: to quickly look through a bag or other item.


Activity 2: Identify which part of speech each of your list words falls under.



Cooperative -adjective


Desalination- verb







Activity 3: Choose one reason author’s write (author’s purpose – inform, persuade, explain, describe, entertain).



Write a paragraph that uses at least 3 of your list words. Make note of which purpose you have chosen.


Desalination might become a way to get drinking water in the future, it will teach people how recycling can happen anywhere and for any purpose. Some people might grimace at the idea of drinking sea water but in the future we might not have a choice. E.G. water rates in Sydney have gone down by 33%.



The writing process is sometimes dull but i can make it exiting

The books we have now in the present can sometimes be dull and boring but there are some really good ones like the Percy Jackson series or the Hobbit and Horrible Histories. All these books are great don’t you wish all books could be like that exiting, unpredictable and just a great book well I’ve been trying to find a way to make the books of the future an improvement of the books of the past and present.

Hundreds of years before I was born there was a lot of boring stuff being published like Shakespeare and other stuff like that. People that read those books had a strange sense of entertainment if they read and enjoyed those books.

In the future books are going to be a lot more exciting because you will be able to enter the book using hi tech technology and even act as one of the characters from the book, you would even be able to get autographs from all the characters. It would be fun at school when the teacher tells you to get out your book and all the kids warp themselves into their books and when they come out of their book they are carrying souvenirs from their book.

Books from the future are better than books from the past or present I just can’t wait to invent it I will call it the Jacobook.


100 word challenge week #33

It was another day in the Jacobonian Republic the sun was shining all the civilians were enjoying themselves, when suddenly a bird the size of a house swooped down and ripped through national monuments that have been standing since the first Jacobs settled down. The bird could obviously lift a number of massive elephants without any trouble. This was the 4th attack this week and there were still three days to go until the end of the week, The bird was grabbing at civilians eating them alive destroying their homes suddenly the giant bird took interest in The Jacobia Dome the very place you are and attacked.

The Jacobonian Republic

It was a sunny day in Jacobville, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all the civilians were making their way to the town square for the market.  Many people go to the market with their family, friends or even strangers, many people agreed that a Jacobville market was not to be missed.

Jacobville was part of a republic called the Jacobonian republic, the Jacobonian republic was separated into 4 groups. There was Jacobville, Jacob Town, City of Jacob and Parliament of Jacob. The Jacobonian parliament was part of was the centre of the republic. They ruled over all the other three parts, they were wise rulers who knew what the people wanted but sometimes they made mistakes. Some times their mistakes are costly and the Jacobonian republic is about to make such a mistake.

It was the 30th of December 2064 the Jacobonian parliament deceided they wanted more money, so they raised the taxes and bills. If the parliament knew how hard it was already for civilians to pay their bills and taxes they wouldn’t have made that mistake. This act caused the civilians to get angry at the parliament. Rumours were spreading that parliament is raising taxes to stop rebellions starting in the Jacobonian republic. There were even rumours that the neighbouring country Ohrtland has seized control of parliament and are weakening the rest of the republics forces so they can take over the rest of the Jacobonian republic.

What do you think will happen next please comment so I get some ideas?

By Jacob

The truth behind the three little pigs.News paper report

The Jacob Paper

On June the 13th 2002 a group of three pigs reported a act of vandalism the suspect was a 34 year old wolf blowing down not 1, not 2 but 3 houses the first victim was 29 year old Toby who spent 6 hours making his twig house “It took him 5 seconds to demolish my house” says Toby.

The next victim was a 22 year old Gerald who says his house was made of 300 strands of straw making a little more durable than our previous vandalised house. “If people like that are around how can we live safely in our own houses” said Gerald who out off all the three was affected the most.

The last victim was 15 year old Jemery who being the youngest had the most will power to keep his house safe making out of bricks. reporters were puzzled the house had no reason to fall down by a simple breath of air Jemery did not want to give any details which dissapointed reporters investigating the incident.

The event has caught interest of a bunch of officers who speicilize in solving strange mysterys “we thought someone was’nt telling the truth when Jemery refused to cooperate” said chief inspector Richardson so we did a bit of investigating.  We tried to get a list of all the places he has been and one of the places hes recentley been was his doctor. So we questioned him and found out there was no way he would have been capable of blowing down a single house since he is suffering asthma.

Police deceided to requestion the pigs and that is when our team found out the truth. The pigs confessed to destroying their own houses so they get the insurance to cover the damage and use the money to pay their long overdue bills and taxes. The pigs  hearing will be in 3 weeks time to deciede their punishment.

Proudly reported by Jacob Productions.