100 word challenge week #31

I approached the structures cautiously they looked like giant bubbly slugs, but I knew better I know how they got there it is because of my brother. It all started on May the 21st 2013 my brother came home with a urn claiming it has a Jeanie inside it so he rubbed it three times but nothing happened so I told him to throw it away. This made him angry and he yelled “I wish you’ll get eaten by giant killer slugs. And now a day later the slugs arrive but my brothers wish has backfired on him. Now they are going to take over the world.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge week #31

  1. Very good story line. I like all the details you were able to include in such a short space. We know a lot about what has happened already, and we can imagine the battles that will come!

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