Asian project reflection

Asian Project Reflection:

Make a list of the most important things I learnt:

The most important thing I learnt was how to find information efficiently and effectively, also to use as many resources as possible to find your information. You need to use as many different sites to get your information because that gives formation. You need to use as many different sites to get your information because that gives you a better understanding of what you are writing and it also confirms things that you don’t really think is true.

What can I do now that I couldn’t do before?

Now I find it easier to put information into my own words and use all the information in better ways than I could do before. Using information in the best way you can is important because it makes the text more interesting and understandable for you and others. Putting your information in your own words is even more important because it shows that you really understand the text and shows that you put in effort.

What or who helped me:

My main source of information was sites on the internet and Encarta premium. I tried using those sources as much as I can because some sites on the internet were made by kids making it easier to understand I used Encarta premium because it was a recommended and once I used it I found it was a great site to use. Once I used my sisters project for help when I couldn’t find some information, it had lots of information that I couldn’t find and I wondered how she found it.

3 Facts:

Each flavour in Vietnam represents an element of the earth.

The red on the Vietnamese flag stands for the blood of those who fought for victory and the star stands for the community.

The person that invented the inflatable chair was Vietnamese.

2 Understandings:

Vietnam has lots of tourist attractions that brings in lots of money.

Vietnam has lots of homeless people so the government are trying hard to lower the amount.

1 Wondering:

Will Vietnam change in a big way or will it stay the same.

By Jacob.

Maths mate sheet: Term 2-Week 5. question 22


i thought this would be about using bodmaths to get your answer.

the question:

Fill in the missing numbers.



I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question:

The big question was what number goes into the space to make the answer correct.

Mathematicians Toolbox:

Test all possibilities.


To solve this question i added 13 and 35 together to get a answer of 48. I then tried to find what you need to reach eighty and i got the answer of 32.


I didnt get my prediction correct because we didnt have to use Bodmaths to get my answer. i just needed to use addition, that shows that not all your predictions are going to be right not even in maths. Even though they look easy to predict correctly.

By Jacob

100 word challenge week #31

I approached the structures cautiously they looked like giant bubbly slugs, but I knew better I know how they got there it is because of my brother. It all started on May the 21st 2013 my brother came home with a urn claiming it has a Jeanie inside it so he rubbed it three times but nothing happened so I told him to throw it away. This made him angry and he yelled “I wish you’ll get eaten by giant killer slugs. And now a day later the slugs arrive but my brothers wish has backfired on him. Now they are going to take over the world.

100 word challenge week #30

Title: The boy in the striped pyjamas.

Author: John Boyne

Genre: History/Realistic Fiction.


It’s about a boy called Bruno that lived during the Second World War in Germany but he has to leave to a concentration camp because his father has a leading position in a there. When they move there Bruno finds out that his father is in charge of a concentration camp. Bruno decades to explore one day and finds a friend on the other side of the fence.

Reason I like it:

The ending is different and exiting because of what happens it is diffrent and strange.

By Jacob

100 word challenge week #29

I wished I never decided to go there even though I was warned I still went, I know I will never feel pain like what happened there and this is how it happened. It was a good day in Jacob Ville I was walking across my mansion grounds when I heard a scream of terror I quickly grabbed a garden gnome for defence and ran towards the sound of the scream. When I got there I saw a terrified body lying on the ground unconscious I looked around for the attacker but couldn’t see any one. Suddenly my arm felt terrible pain

Maths Mate: Term 2-Sheet 3: Question 22


Predict: I think this is going to be about multiplication.

Read: How many numbers between 17 and 61 are divisible by 8.

Clarify: I had no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Big Question: How many numbers between 17 and 61 are divisible by 8.

Mathematical Toolbox: Have I seen a similar problem.

Solve: To solve this question I started counting by 8 I until I reached the closest number I could without going over 61. The answer is 5.

Summary: My prediction is right we did use multiplication to get my answer but I also used addition. I chose my strategy because I was given a question that was nearly exactly the same.