Swimming Carnival Recount.

On the 13th of February 2013 Moonee Ponds Central School went to Queens Park Pool. For our swimming carnival I was competing in:

50m Freestyle,

50m Backstroke,

year 5/6 50m relay,

year 5, 50m relay,

year 5, 50m kickboard relay and the wading race.

My results were all in the top three 3, for Freestyle I came in 2nd,

In Backstroke I came in 3rd,

for the 5 relay we came in 2nd,

in the 5/6 relay we came in third,

and for the kickboard and wading race relay I also came third.

I think Macarthur did very well but I hope to do better next year. But we had a disadvantage because Macarthur has the least amount of people. Despit all our efforts we came in last.

By Jacob.


Letter To Liz.

Dear Liz,

I am looking forward t being in your class this year. My holidays were very exiting, I went to Merimbula for 9 day’s, I also went and saw the HOBBIT an unexpected journey on the 29th of January.

The HOBBIT was the best movie I saw in the movies. I can’t wait ti’ll the next 2 movies come out.

I find division very hard because I didn’t do much in previous year’s. So I would like to do more this year on division.

From Jacob,

A Brand New Year.


this year is very diffrent than last year so I’m putting in lot’s of new post the biggest change is my class and teacher. I’m in a class of 25 people including me, another diffrence is I’m in a 5/6 class so my post will be longer and more detailed.

Our school is competing in Gala sport’s day, I’m in Kanga Cricket we have enough people for 2 team’s we are practicing very hard and doing very well. Our school is also competing in Volleyball, Softball and Bat tennis. Bat tennis is similiar to  tennis but you have a smaller court, Softball is Baseball with a softer ball, and volley ball is when you hit a ball over a net.

By Jacob.


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