Green tree python


The green tree Python is tree snake that could be found most commonly in Papa New Guinea, but can be found in certain areas in Queensland like Cape York. But different species can be found in Indonesia and other islands around Papa New Guinea. It is often mistaken for the South American emerald tree boa. The green tree snake is closely related to the Carpet Python that lives in the same Habitat as the Green tree snake,and eats similar foods.

Pysical behavior:

The Green tree python can reach up to1.2 metres to 2.1 metres In length, the average adult Tree python reaches 1.8 metres. The green tree python is smaller than most pythons. Although the tree pythons name, certain species can be blue or yellow but is very rare. Some of these snakes can be blue or yellow with other colored patterns,such as zig – zag, spots or even just random lines. At birth as soon as they emerge from the egg they can be a a reddish-orange and become green after 1-2 years. Like all pythons they are not venomous but have long curved teeth to grip struggling prey in the trees.


The green tree python feeds mostly on rodents like rats they also like non rodent creatures as well like small birds and mammals. They wait on a branch around 1 metre above the ground and pounce on unsuspecting rodents,birds and mammals. Other snakes eat small lizards and frogs.


To lay the eggs the female green tree snake finds a suitable tree hollow to lay their 8-25 eggs. Onced they are produced it wraps around  the eggs incubating them at the right temperature, until they hatch 6-8 weeks later.


Green tree snakes are normally kept in captivity for study or education. They can only be kept by certain people because it needs the  right habitat and need advance care treatment. It needs at least 60 cubic centimetres for breeding purposes but bigger makes it easier to handle. nearly all green tree pythons are raised in captivity from birth, because those taken from the wild will most likely never become tame.

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100 WC piece of cake…Week #9

Have you had a feeling when you just need a piece of cake or you don’t feel right? That happened to me once and I got the blame I cant help it if I had a whole cake to myself. But I know why they yelled at me it was a birthday cake which didn’t even belong to my family it belonged to a 5 year old.

It was one of those parties that you have to pay for everything like cake. It wasn’t my fault i blame that kid starring at me like he wanted me to eat the cake. Now I feel sorry. By Jacob

100 WC Grandparents are important because…

Without Grandparents nobody would be alive, there would only be animals. There would be no cities or towns there would be only forests and deserts. Humans would not on earth because nobody would have given birth to your parents. If there were no humans there would  be  animals like the Dodo bird and the Tasmanian Tiger.

The world will be a much healthier place if Grandparents werent here because if they werent alive nobody would be. Although animals would roam the world and breed and get out of control just like humans have, and that is why humans are important.