100WC Week #6

“What is that?” asked Jeremy with wonder.

 “I don’t know but I think we should hand it in to the RSPCA or the Australian Government” said his best friend Ziggy, who always disagreed with Jeremy.

“Why would we do that” Jeremy said in a way that made Ziggy unsure of himself. “We could be rich, sell it on the black market”.

“It’s illegal, besides I found this creature first” said Ziggy. We don’t know what it is – it could be some animal that belonged to someone a long time ago”.

And they wondered what it was?.

Lizards Life

A lizard still and waiting, waiting for something to happen.

The waving leaves of the trees above are casting shadows in the bright light,

The wind against the leaves, a cricket chirping nearby,

Its life is so peaceful will it always be so?

I wish to touch the lizard but i dont, In fear it will run away,

What is it waiting for, What is it waiting for, What is it waiting for?

Tourist Atrractions Australia 12 Apostels

One of the many Tourist attractions in Australia is the great ocean road. I chose this attraction because i have been there 3 times before. I think it was awsome the first 2 times but the 3rd time was so good but is was still amazing, You travel on a wooden bridge were seagulls are flying all around you. You can take a lot ofd cool/awsome pictures the 12 Apostels are on the great ocean road, The great ocean road is a road that goes along the great Australian Bite. The 12 Apostels were formed by waves smashing againts the rocks, One day the waves will destroy them completly.

Jacob The Nerd


Ice Cream In A Cone ( 6 Rooms Of Imagry )

Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream

I see a strawberry Ice cream,

lying in the shade protected from the sun,

Birds chirping, Children laughing, Playing in the sun, Ice cream in a cone.

Will it melt before the children get there, What a waste

Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream,

I wish I had one, A Ice cream in a cone

Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream

My First Poem.

This week we did a little bit of work on poetry, we did a poem in a group of 3 i was with Atticus and another person. We made our poems by writing certain types of words on colur coded sheets of paper E.G  blue was a noun. We wrote a lot of good words but a lot of them didnt make it into our poem, We  finished writing so we put them in a certain order to make a poem it was hard because we had a limited number of words. This is the poem we made.     


Unstoppable Tortiose


Brave MurderwwShoot FluentlywwKick Weirdlyww


Brave MurderwwConfusely DiewwRiver Plant

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvAngry Left Out FishwwWoke Up Squished         ww wwwwwwwwwwStupidly Kill Unstoppable Tortiose

My Passions

One of my many passions is MINECRAFT, it is a game that lets you create anything you can imagine. You can play by yourself or online with lots of other people. The best thing about MINECRAFT is that you can use lots of different blocks from swords to flowers to dispensers, it has anything you can imagine. There are also a lot of secret areas like dungeons were you can find hidden chests containing useful items and provisions, And temples which are often hidden with secret areas that are challenging to find.

There are also not very secret areas like populated villages these contain a blacksmith which you can steal armour, tools and food. There are plenty of different game modes besides multi and single player mode, like Creative which lets you fly have unlimited items and destroys blocks instantly, Survival which makes you have an adventure that you have to survive in and collect your own materials. Hardcore is the same as survival but the days are shorter and the nights are longer and at night zombies come out and Large Biomes it is an easier form of survival that makes all blocks more common. there are also different type of maps that you can play in there is Super flat that gives you a endless terrain of grass and makes villages very common and  Default that is the ordinary world.

that is why i like MINECRAFT so much i will put a link to the MINECRAFT website were you can buy it or play a free version.