orientation day recount


On the 9th of December I went with my sister to Buckley Park college for my year 7 orientation. I took the tram, bus and my own feet IU was the first from Moonee Ponds to get there so I didn’t know what to do so I just waited for Lilli and Luca to arrive. Once Lilli arrive d we spoke a tiny bit until Luca arrived we spoke a lot with him until it was time to go into the PAC (performing arts centre) where we were split into our classes with our form teachers for next year. Luca joined all the SEEL kids but me and Lilli were in the same class for the 4th year in a row. Our form teacher miss sced                                  (pronounced Said) welcomed us and did the role.

Firstly we learnt how to read the timetable and he map and explained how to your way around even without a map, She said it was split into 4 blocks A-D each with a number of rooms in them, so on your timetable it might say 7SD-class D-block 7-room. Finding my way around was easier than I thought, I learned that after the tour.

At recess I waited for Lilli and Luca to order recess and lunch we talked about trying to find Alex Young, Lilli was against this idea and walked away with a other group of girls. Coincidently we found Owen who told us about the band and how they except the best of the best.

Our lesson straight after that was maths/science where we made invisible ink that went visible after it was heated. Then there was drama where we acted out a scenario for 30 and then 10 seconds. I met a boy almost as tall as my named Josh I talked with him a lot at class and we also partnered together at music where we played a game called isle of tune.

Straight after that all the future years 7’s went to the gym were we made a classroom chant, ours was really repetitive. We also did a relay were we dribbled a ball around a cone then passed it to the next person.

I can’t wait till next year.

camp canberra recount


On the 24th of November 2014 the 5/6’s of MPPS got up early to head to the capitol of Australia, Canberra. WE wen by bus and it was a 9 hour drive. I couldn’t beleave it when after the first stop I already wanted to be there even though there were 7 hours of driving ahead of us.

Once we got to camp we were put into our cabins I was with Atticus, Oli and Jordan. I was the only year 6 in my cabin, we had a small amount of time outside before a talll guy called James explained all the rules to us and how to know when to go to dinner and breakfast. Then we went outside for another half hour, before we had a delicious nutritious dinner of Schnitzel and vegetables. Afterwards we had a talent show me, Jordan and atticus did a freestyle rap and the COMPLETELY RANDOM topic was ladybugs (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

My favourite thing from the first day was easily Questacon, we went from floor to floor exploring the wonders of science, In the ground floor was a robot you could ask questions and it would answer, but it would also quote a movie like terminator and The wizard of OZ. there was also a awesome slide called the freefall it was almost completely vertical except for the end which curved like a normal slide. Right next to that was a robot that played air-hockey and majority of the time won. I know this because there was s screen of all the statistics and the robot won over 100 times while the humans won less the 5 times. It was just like a science works in Canberra but better.

My favourite thing from the last day was Swimming at the AIS Australian institute of sport, we all swam for about an hour till 9:30 pm there were heaps of games going on at once and sometimes the games collided. I spent most of the time playing “mark is up” with Sam and a few others.

Finally my favourite thing on the last day was the movie we watched Mr Peabody and Sherman. It’s about a superhero genius dog with a time machine and his adopted son Sherman, mid-way through the movie we had snacks they were tasty.

After we all packed and got on the bus it was a long and painful trip all the way back to Melbourne.

The Endcamp canberra picture


  1. Hydroelectricity: is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.

Hydroelectricity:  the making of electricity by gravity or flowing water

Fish and other sea creature are injured by turbine blades. Algae and aquatic weed can result in scarce amount of marine light because the water is still.

  1. America uses the most hydroelectricity in the world, but in America everyday people use it.
  2. Water wheels help farmers with their machinery they generate electricity without producing air pollution.



plus minus interesting
  1. It’s renewable.
  2. It’s not polluting the earth.
  3. Price stability



1.It damages habitats for sea creatures and marine life.2. its damages the climate

3.it damages the eco system to extant.

1. Greenland doesn’t use any hydroelectricity.2. In 2006, hydroelectricity supplied around 20% of the world’s electricity

3. Hydroelectricity isn’t electricity it generates electricity.




spelling term 4 week 7

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3






















Carbon dioxide,


Nitrous oxide






Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

Essentially: adverb-used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person or thing.

Particles: noun-a minute portion, piece

There: adverb-in or at that place

Vitamin: noun-any of a group of organic substances essential

Temperature: noun-a measure of the warmth or coldness

Methane: noun-a colourless, odourless, flammable gas

Nitrous oxide: noun-a colorless, sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting,nonflammable, slightly water-soluble gas

Intricately: adjective-having many interrelated parts or facets;entangled or involved

Irreversibly: adjective-not reversible



spelling term 4 week 6


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3





























Activity One:

Define 5 words using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

Researcher: (noun)  Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry

Territory: (noun)  Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry

Specialised: (verb) To pursue a special activity, occupation, or field of study.

Accommodate: (noun)  The act of accommodating

Alliance: (noun)  A close association of nations or other groups


Activity Two:

For each word in your list that can be made a plural, show how the spelling changes, and the rule used to change that word.

  • Expeditions
  • Recommendations
  • Territories
  • Conditionals
  • Alliances
  • Accommodates

Activity Three:

Following on from our lesson the other week, put the following sound twins (homophones) into a correct sentence:

  • There, their, they’re- They’re there with their friends and there seat they were sitting on was theirs.
  • To, too, two-those two where too far away to see
  • Fare, fair- it’s not fare if you cheat at a fare game
  • Where, wear, we’re- we’re here with john and we are going to wear a jacket when we where at the at the artic.

using descriptive language

once upon a time there was a robotic cat and it was cheerful as it sat on its fancy mat and there was also a triangular fish that gracefully swam in its magnificent bowl they never met


cat on a mat


there was a big bully of a fish named Snapper and the stripey cat was very annoyed with the fish so he took matters in his own hands the cat named hallelujah was never seen again.

snapper the fish


therre was once a poor cat and a rich fish they were very oppisite so they never got along

The endold cat rich fish

my school cabaret poem


On Tuesday the 28th of October the entire school of MPPS went to the clock tower Centre with nothing but our hat, our lunch and excitement. We had been practising for weeks for this event, our class was performing a legendary mix of I’m ready, Heart ‘n’ Soul and Magic. In fact I wrote a poem about it.

The 28th was our cabaret.

The cabaret we will perform today.

First come’s the matinée.

Set in the middle of the day.

Make up applied, sit still we tried.

The first performance of the day.

The first performance is on its way.

Run, Rabbit, Run don’t let the farmer have his fun.

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum had a ton of fun.

Song after song as time flew by.

Tears of joy the audience did cry.

Then came us. We were the best.

It was a big singing ‘n’ dancing fun fest.

We moved the crowd with our magic.

The tears became puddles, I silently thought to myself.

Surely no can beat this you muggles.

Surely no one is better than us.

To be the best is a must.

If you thought that was good.

Just wait I say.

Wait till the evening when we blow you away.

All the way home we went.

1 quick small dinner

Quicker than the twister spinner.

As we rushed out the door again.

As the evening performance is about to begin.

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho down the street we go.

Take a left, than a right.

Oh this is gonna be a great night.

Up the stairs through the door.

Lots of activity, its activity galore.

Quickly rushed to the make-up chair.

Repainted my heart, my achy breaky heart.

Just so I look the part.

There’s the sky full of diamonds.

The jabbawookes there to.

The crowd was awestruck.

Where were ahhhh’s and there where oooooo’s

Finally it is us.

All is quiet, the curtain begins to rise.

What the audience sees is a big surprise.

Only half the class, but twice as many voices.

In less than a second

The song changes.

Who steps from behind the curtain?

Me and my fellow army.

A parent shouts “they can dance all right”

“Especially the one with the giant height”

I inspired many to live louder that night.

To run like the rabbit but still say hello tiger in the face of danger.

To end this poem the same way I began many months ago.

I am a poet and I did not now it.

spelling term 4 week 2

Spelling – Term 4 Week 1 (Week beginning 13th October 2014)


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3





























Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

Sustainability, noun- the ability to be sustained

Particular, adjective-of or pertaining to a single or specific person

Generator, noun-a machine that converts one form of energy into another

Renewable, adjective-able to be renewed

Environmental, noun-the aggregate of surrounding things

Harnessing, verb- control and make use of (natural resources)

Historically, adjective-of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic ofhistory or past events:

Culturally, adjective- of or pertaining to culture or cultivation.

Interrogating, verb- to ask questions

Ethical, adjective- pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality


Activity Two:

Choose one word from your list. The word must be at least 7 letters long. Using only the letters in that word, see how many other words you can create (words must be 2 or more letters long).

Interrogating- Gate, interior, gore, grating, ginger, no, in, ogre, rating, get, nit, torn,

spelling week 5 term 3












Activity 1: suffixes the suffixes “–ic” and ical change nouns to adjectives. Rewrite each word below, adding “-ic” or “-ical”  change or drop letters where necessary

 Cyclone Cyclonical
Cylinder Cylindrical
Cycle Cyclical
Hero Heroic
History historical
Magic Magical
Music Musical
poetry Poetic